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Reinventing I/M\MORTAL - Art Campaign

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

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Can humans ensure a successful transition from "I Am Mortal" to "We Are Immortals"?

Today, scientific and technological advances are poised to rapidly change the structure of the human mind and biology, inspiring people to take a closer look at our evolutionary origins, and desired destinies, based on the notion of the possible achievement of "Biological Immortality" or "Longevity Escape Velocity" (living long enough to reap the benefits of technologies designed to rejuvenate or indefinitely extend youthful lifespan).

The exciting prospect of evolving into a Multi-Planetary Immortal Species with God-like abilities is as tangible as the unfortunate prospect of a nuclear war, cosmic impact, or global population collapse that could lead humans to times reminiscent of the Dark Ages, or even human extinction.

To secure humanity's survival and perennial desire for immortality, humans must rapidly and safely merge with technologies in order to evolve into a wiser, healthier, and more resilient species. This transition is not only a gradual and collective effort, but also a highly controversial one that will require overcoming some of the greatest challenges ever faced by humans.

Education is key.

The more educated and open minded people are about these conversations, the greater our chance to influence beneficial policies for the creation of safer "transhumanist" technologies so that societies are better equipped to guarantee the long-term growth and equilibrium of human civilization.

Despite, however, the increased abundance & accessibility of information, there is also greater misinformation, decreased attention span, and increased technological fear.

It is therefore my greatest desire to inspire positive curiosity for scientific & technological innovation and for people to empower themselves with the knowledge to become active participants in the mindful designing and engineering of our ongoing evolution.

It is my hope that educational campaigns like this one will help usher in a safer transition into an immortal future, not just for humans but also for life as whole.

To Immortality!

Dinorah Delfin

IM Founder & Chief Editor



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Only Together, We Can Surpass Our Limitations.

Which Part of Our Evolution Do You Believe Is Most Significant?

2030 Is Around The Corner, Will We Become Ageless? Perhaps Not, But The Fight Is On!

Do You Also Envision A Future Where Aging Is Optional?

Which Delightful Future Possibilities Will You Commit To?

The Truth Of Radical Longevity Is That We Can’t Achieve It Without Accompanied Health.#AubreyDeGrey #ReversingAging

Now, Would You Define Aging As A Disease? We do!

Could Healthier & Longer Living Humans Lead To The Survival Of Our Species? We think so!

What Do You Think Will Fundamentally Change By The Year 2035?

Could The Commercialization Of Cruelty-Free Cultured Animal Products Lead To

Less Suffering? We Think This Is A No Brainer!

Do We Think That To Be Human Is To Be Transhuman? You Bet!

What Makes Humans Cyborgs?

Discover The Illuminating Philosophy Of #StefanLorenzSorgner

How Much Does Elon Musk Inspire You And Your Vision For The Future?

Do You Know How Biotechnologies Will Affect Our Lives For The Better?

We Do! Read Our Content & You'll Find Out Why :)

If We Keep On Evolving, We Will Never Stop Transcending.

Can we also evolve our common perception of immortality?

Do You Also Plan On Being Immortal Like Us?

Which Sectors Do You Think Will Benefit From AI The Most?

Explore how exponential advances in AI could be a critical part of our Biodigital future!

How Soon Will We Achieve Significant Breakthroughs In Reversing Biological And Neurological Degeneration? Keep reading our content & you'll find out!

Can We Ensure Technology Works With Nature Instead Of Against It?

Explore this thought-provoking article exclusively by IM by the Philosopher Jessica Lombard.

If More Billionaires Invest In Longevity Research, Will Humanity Benefit From Longevity Technologies? We think so as well!

Should government funding be allocated to curing individual diseases like cancer,

aging, or both? Based on the words of Mr. Thiel, the answer seems clear!

The science of longevity is advancing thanks to the work of leading gerontologists and other pioneers in the field. Now, for the longevity field to continue to flourish, significant funding in educational initiatives and biotech entrepreneurs is crucial.

Do you think we can achieve it?

What Would It Take To Become a Type I, II, & III Civilization?

Click on Dr. Kaku's image to find out!

How Would You Describe The Importance Of Space Travel?

Did You Know That The Risk Of Overpopulation Is A Myth?

Click on Elon's image to watch what statistical projections truly say about this.

Our Journey On How We Can Sustainably Transition Into The Future Continues.

Explore thought-provoking ideas on where we stand as a civilization, the importance of curing aging, emerging cultures & markets, automation, abundance, and much more.

What is a Type I Civilization?

Don’t miss this fascinating event.

Details here.

How Can We Use Technology To Save Ourselves From The Limitations Of Our Mind?

Exclusive New Interview With Leading Metahumanist & Transhumanist Philosopher, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, about his new book "We Have Always Been Cyborgs."

Read it here.

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Don't lose hope in humanity 🙏

Choose Strength Through Peace.

In What Ways Can Science & Technology Help Us Achieve More Justice?

Can Humanity Co-Exist Without Nuclear Weapons?

Can Humanity Free Itself From Its Self-Destructive Ways?

Is There Excitement In A World Without Humans?

Let’s Get Through It. It’s Not Too Late To Amend Old Ways.

How Far Will You Go To Improve Our World?

The Frontlines Take Many Forms.

What female entrepreneur inspires you?

How Can We Please Ensure The Indefinite Continuation Of The Human Race?

How About An Earthquake Of Compassion & Positive Determination?

Are you up for the challenge?

Do You Also Believe That Undoing Aging Is One Of The Most Promising Ways Of Increasing Happiness?

How Important Is Resilience To You?

We invite you to dive into this thought-provoking essay by the novelist John Likides who takes us on a brief cosmic journey & exciting speculation of our technological evolution.

We agree with Zoltan!

Now, In What Ways Do You Think Technology Can Help Solve Today’s Major Problems?

Humanity is at the exponential intersection.

One road leads towards greater wisdom, longevity, harmony, prosperity & excitement.

The other leads to greater greed, envy, arrogance, hostility, suffering, war, & death.

Which Road Are You On?

Now, The Longer We Live, The More We Tend To Focus On The Long-Term Survival

Of Our Species?

The root of all man-made suffering stems from the human mind.

In what ways could emerging technologies help humanity achieve complete wellness

& mental health?

Can We Get Together To Prevent The War In Ukraine From Escalating Even Further?

Imagine if we invested trillions to make humans smarter, healthier & more compassionate? #DavidPearce #NoWW3 #SaveHumanity

Discover what fundamental value could guarantee a successful interplanetary transition according to the visionary investor, Jayden Sage.

Will Economies Bounce Back From Near Armagedon?

The horrors of war remind us that humanity needs to implement something radical to transcend our self-destructive tendencies.

Could technologies help humans become radically kinder, wiser, & more resilient?

The war against war is a collective effort.

The race to use powerful technologies for self-destruction or self-enlightenment has begun.

How can humanity use ingenuity & innovation to defeat our fight-or-flight conditioning?

Imagine How Amazing Life Would Be If The Medical Community Was Trained To Help Prevent Diseases, Reverse Biological Aging, & Extend Healthy Lifespan?

If more people advocated for Life Extension, the sooner we’d get on a path to prioritizing

what truly matters.

Read this is a thought-provoking interview about privacy & freedom in light of personal biometric collection, surveillance, governments, & private markets, and what can be done to solve the complex challenge.

Now, the collection of biometric data is crucial not just to control future pandemics, but also to empower individuals to live longer & healthier lives.

Can we avoid the weaponization of our own personal data?

New Web3 Technologies Are Changing The World As We Know It Do you think we can rebuild the world?

Now, What If You Could Choose How Long You Wanted To Live In A Healthy State?

What Would You Do With 200 Extra Years Living As If You Are In Your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s?

How Do We Make Sure That We Don’t Sacrifice The Long-Term For The Short-Term?

How Much Has Fasting Affected Your Life?

Share Your Story, Or To Learn More About Fasting, Read This Full Of Healthy Tips By Longevity Activist, Andreas Melhede.

To Love Our History & Present Is To Love Our Future.

The only way for humanity to protect itself from man-made intelligence (AI) is by furthering evolving human intelligence (and wisdom).

This Event Will Shed Light On Stefan Lorenz Sorgner’s Fascinating New Book, “We Have Always Been Cyborgs”

Now, Is There A Way To Truly Be Comfortable With Death?

Stay Up To Date With Immortalists Magazine’s Health Roundup!

How Important Is It For You To Have a Good Life For Longer?

How Do We Create A Future Where Suffering Is Optional?

How Excited Are You About Decentralization, Democratization, And Open-Sourcing?

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