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We look for a wide range of writing styles & perspectives that seek to make complex scientific & philosophical ideas fun & engaging to a wide audience. 


 If you are interested in publishing articles, interviews, book reviews, artworks, photography, music, or any media content with IM, please follow the submission guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with IM! 

> 1. Please submit your article in a Word document (.doc).

> 2. Fix misspellings & grammatical errors. If there are too many typos, lack of structure, or wordy text, we will send your article back for revision.

> 3. Include references where applicable & fact-check the content.

> 4. Include attribution to your submitted images. 

> 5. Blog articles & interviews are 800 - 1,200 words.

> 6. Featured articles and interviews are 1,500 - 2,500 words. Please include a short abstract in the body of the email when submitting a featured article for consideration. 

> 8. Articles and interviews to be considered for publication in our Multimedia Magazines cannot be published elsewhere.

> 9. Include a picture of you and a short bio (around 50 words) with your submission to publish along with your submission.

> 10. Photographers, artists, illustrators, & designers, include samples of your work with a short cover letter describing why your work fits our publication.

> 11. Please note, in some cases, we may decide not to publish your work after accepting it.

> 12. Email your submissions here with all your relevant details. Include "Article Submission" in the subject line.

> 13. Send us a reminder of your submission, in case we miss it.

> 14. Last, but not least, sign up here to join our family & receive updates.

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