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Survival Power Vs. Survival Anxiety: Life As A Civil Right By Carl Carlyle - Essay

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The terrifying state of survival anxiety that humans have been suffering from throughout history is ever-present. In thousands of years of human existence, the struggle to overcome survival-anxiety, by achieving survival power, is a daily occurrence.

The anxiety caused by the threat of global warming is feeding the need for new solutions to the problem. Transhumanist-immortalism offers a new plan for increasing survival power based on deep scientific research.

Transhumanism states clearly that life-extension is the solution. The right to choose how long you wish to live is a civil right to be fought for and achieved by law. The legal foundation has already been laid down for many years, although very few know about it as yet.

Portland's KGW news station, recently reported that a local high school is dedicated to students' civil rights. The school says they are “committed to ensuring that ALL students are afforded a safe learning environment by prohibiting harassment based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or disability." Great, but what about the harassment we face, based on the uncontrolled state of mortality in which we live?

Starting now, the world must begin to hear about the politics of transhumanism, in which life is seen as a civil right. Survival anxiety is feeding off this lack of control of survival. We need our civil right to live as long as we wish. Life must be a civil right!

If someone wants to choose a normal, brief life-span, no problem. That is their legal right. On the other hand, individuals not wanting to suffer a brief, uncontrolled life-span, should also have the legal right to extend it indefinitely, if they wish.

From this new, radical point of view, mortality is an undemocratic state of being. It feeds on survival-anxiety. If every citizen in a democracy can choose how long they wish to live, there should be government support based on one’s chosen lifespan; whether that is eighty or indefenitely, greater public support for this effort should be deeply embedded in the public mind.

New political initiatives are starting to spread this message. In the 2024 election, there will be Transhumanist candidates boldly talking about a new scientific narrative. One focuses on the choice of scientific survival power, or another, where we continue to live in the traditional survival anxiety state.

It’s a choice we must offer on election ballots. And, of course, there will be opposition.

Those who vote for the extension of life past eighty, or a hundred years, will be called ‘selfish’ for wanting to exist longer than those living in the past. The strong answer to this is that survival anxiety in today’s world has been caused by short lifespans.

Centuries of mortal survival anxiety have resulted in violent wars with one group fighting another to achieve total survival power. And now, global warming is caused by short-lived generations not understanding the dangerous earth-destroying technology they’ve been selling and using.When longevity is achieved, in a global democratic society, there will be no more mortal blundering to achieve a non-working solution to the long-range issue of the Earth.

Superlongevity gives us the scientific power to create a safe world that we can live on for centuries to come. We will overcome mortal survival anxiety when humanity establishes the new range of scientific survival power as a civil right by law.

Meetings and publications like Immortalists Magazine can help the average person gain the powerful knowledge they need for increasing their scientific survival power.

The energy within our bodies is cosmic energy and every particle comes from the universe. On a cosmic scale, we are living particles of the cosmos, on a larger scale than the molecular particles within us. We contain the same energy that keeps the universe going on and on. One scientist went so far as to say that our survival power can be much greater if we can tap into the cosmic energy within us. Once we view ourselves as cosmic particles filled with cosmic energy, it is obvious that we have the power to do cosmic work. Superlongevity is the foundation for our future cosmic power as a species. Although we will always take care of our home planet, Earth, we are destined to use our survival power to explore the universe, advancing our self-knowledge to the highest universal level.

The next objection comes from those who argue that science is against religion. Religion posits that, after death, life continues in the afterlife or with endless reincarnations. The strongest support for scientific survival power is that religion and science are both based on the long-term human urge for immortal survival power.

Belief in life after death is the same urge for survival power that exists in all of us, including the scientific urge for life with no death. It’s possible that someday science will proves that life after death exists, or doesn't. But for those who see transhuman superlongevity as their desired cosmic path, eternal youth & health is the power for their cosmic life journey.

In a transhumanist immortalist world, both paths will exist simultaneously, as the human species evolves to a higher level. From this point of view, scientific longevity is on the same spiritual path as the transhuman desire to live forever.

In the coming transhumanist 2024 election campaign, democratic society will be awakened with this new path to survival power. The average person, when saturated with daily transhumanist election news, cannot help but question whether or not they will want to be a transhumanist.

Born as mortals, we should be questioning whether or not we want to continue our fragile, powerless mortal state of being when the powerful alternative is right before us.

Marchers for the next transhumanist presidential candidate can carry pro-life picket signs for our cause. We will attain the power of transhumant superlongevity as individuals and save our planet when we end survival anxiety while advancing human evolution to the stars.


A Question For IM Readers:

How Do You Think Transhumanism Will Take Part In The Coming 2024 Elections?

Share your thoughts below!



Carl Carlyle is an immortalist, musician, and writer. A graduate from UCLA in 1962 and later, while a student at Hastings Law College in San Francisco, he joined the Student League to Abolish Mortality, and the National Institute of Health, becoming an avid advocate for the scientific control of aging, life extension, and biological immortality ever since. “In the daytime, I wore a suit and tie and contacted politicians & business owners to get funding for the novel immortalist movement. At night, I formed a rock band called the Forever Maniacs and named myself ‘Johnny Forever’, singing rock songs about eternal youth and health. I also produced a musical in the 1990s called Boomers Rock Forever, a comedy about taboos and the emerging science of immortality. I published a sci-fi trilogy, The Cosmic Mutant, which tells the story of a love affair between Infinity and Eternity."


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Tomas Hansson
Tomas Hansson
16 dic 2021

Love this! Articulate and super rational! I am a full supporter.

Me gusta
Andreas Melhede
Andreas Melhede
16 dic 2021
Contestando a

Love this comment! Thank you so much, Tomas

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