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Type I Civilization? - Brief Update

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Dear IM Reader, We are excited to know you have been enjoying our I/M\Mortality Campaign. Thank you for all your messages, curiosity, & support! I hope you enjoy our latest 'Snippets Of Wisdom' from our Global Immortalists Family. This week's highlight is from theoretical physicist & activist, Dr. Michio Kaku with his insight about what it is means to be a Type II Civilization:

Though this quote predicts what a Type II Civilization could be, according to scientists, we are

not a Type I Civilization yet. What does this even mean & what would it take to become one? In the following video, Dr. Kaku explains the different types of civilizations and how a technological species like us is most likely to evolve:

"Our generation and our grandchildren, are the most important generations ever to walk the surface of the Earth. We are the generations that will determine whether we make the transition from Type 0 to Type 1, or, we destroy ourselves because of our arrogance & our weapons", concludes Dr. Kaku in the video. The survival of our civilization is in our literal hands. It is my hope that our I/M\Mortality Campaign and our regular publications raise enough awareness to bring us together through the common goal of becoming the next Type I Civilization to then reach the predicted immortal Type II.

So let's direct our focus towards the healthy longevity of individuals and humanity With love, Dinorah Delfin IM Founder & Chief Editor


About The Author

Dinorah Delfin is an activist, entrepreneur, & conceptual, multimedia artist passionate about the prospect of a technological singularity for self-enlightenment. Inspired by her lifelong interest in science and the future of humanity, Dinorah established Immortalists Magazine, and its hosting platform The Immortalists Club,to build an exclusive & diverse network of visionary thinkers that care about the future of humanity.” Dinorah dabbed in chemistry in her native country Venezuela, later switching to Baruch College in New York City where she graduated Cum Laude in Entrepreneurship Management with a minor in English.


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