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Paper Submission: The Covid Issue - Brief Update

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Dear IM Reader,

We all suffer when critical information is censored or stigmatized. Taking a wider range of data into consideration will lead to less incompetency and fewer deaths. We must focus on science and statistics, not just personal opinions.

Vaccination saves lives. If it was clearer who is at risk, more people who need the vaccination would choose to get it. Unfortunately, however, we are currently more focused on making the unvaccinated feel a great deal of pressure, guilt, and shame for desiring more comprehensive data or for using their right to choose what to do with their bodies. Immortalists Magazine takes a strong stance in regards to self-agency and individual rights!

On the other hand, to believe that recovering from a flu-like virus doesn't provide natural immunity is like believing that Covid or the vaccine's efficacy is a hoax.

Understanding the role of natural immunity versus vaccine immunity doesn't mean encouraging one to get the covid virus intentionally. It is about understanding who is at risk of succumbing to the virus and potentially dying. It also means that those who already had the virus and are well, should not be forced to get vaccinated. Instead, they should receive a natural immunity certification, just like those with a covid vaccine passport.

Negating or ignoring important data like the role of natural immunity or biological age in relation to Covid is distracting us from saving those at risk, and improving the efficacy of vaccines.

The safest would be for most adults to get vaccinated.

Why is this a no-brainer?

Because sadly, most adults aren't in optimal health (physically or mentally) to fully recover from Covid. Holistic preventative wellness takes work. Many variables like genetic pre-dispositions and regularly monitoring our health all play a role. This is the area Immortalists Magazine is interested in, as it is fundamental to the science of radical life extension.

Immortalists Magazine invites you to submit statistic-based articles on the subject of Covid, vaccination, and additional measures that can be done to expedite reaching herd immunity. The goal is to provide a better understanding of Covid and how it relates to biological age and the science of radical life extension.

(Feel free to address any particular area you may wish to focus on.)

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Thank you!


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