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I Want To Live Forever Young - By Carl Carlyle - Essay

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

How To Vote For The 1974 Research On Aging Act

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Co-written with Dinorah Delfin

Today, there is little worldwide mass consciousness concerning longevity as an effective solution to the world’s problems. Imagine what it would be like if this wasn’t the case. What if ninety percent of our global population was debating the positives and negatives of extending the health and life of individuals who wish to live two hundred years or more?

I envision this debate becoming a major social and political issue in the 21st century.

Now imagine, in a very near future…

Two guys walk down the street, discussing their shenanigans from last night. A young woman approaches them with a piece of paper in one hand and a writing pen in the other. She asks if they’d like to sign a petition to encourage the government to support anti-aging research. Thousands have already signed it for all of us to stay healthy for the next hundred years. The guys are stunned when they learn that 50 years ago the government passed the Research on Aging Act. The objective of this act was to research the anatomy of aging. But little has been accomplished with no widespread knowledge.

One guy says, ‘hey, if I can stay young and healthy even when I’m over a century old, I’ll sign the petition’. The other guy gushed, ‘they’ll never be able to stop us from growing old!’ The young woman laughs and tells them that she’s already been taking one of the experimental anti-aging pills. Pulling her driver’s license out of her purse she shows them her birth-date: September 2nd, 1930. She’s ninety-one-years old and looks no older than thirty-five. Without much hesitation, they share the pen to sign the anti-aging petition, hoping to increase government support for research to help average Americans reverse degenerative damage, and stay young and healthy for at least a century.

“When thousands of concerned citizens start circulating the Anti-Aging Petition all across the country, the government will be forced to back up aging research, as promised fifty years ago. There is a dire need for mass-consciousness to create voter awareness of this fact. Beyond just helping individuals to live better in this world, there is a greater need for healthy anti-aging and rejuvenation. Saving the Earth is the even greater need for our longevity.”

The woman invites the guys to a voter’s meeting to help them and the general public learn how living longer can save the world.

“It’s the next step in our evolution as a human species,” she says. “We’re creating mass-consciousness to start a mass-movement for every person to have the right to control how long they live. When a vast majority of us live a few centuries, we will be taking care of planet Earth with far greater care than we’ve been doing living short lives and carelessly causing global pollution. Here are the date and time for our next voter’s meeting.” She walked off to get more anti-aging petition signatures.

Amazed they had just met and talked to a ninety-year-old woman who looks thirty-five, the two guys agreed to go to the meeting and learn more about how voting for youthful longevity can save the world.

When the two guys walked into the auditorium, one was surprised to see a large banner overhead with the words: IMMORTALIST GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH

“Hey man, I thought we were at a transhumanist meeting to save our lives!”.

The other guy laughed, “dude, transhumanists are also interested in saving our planet.”

The speaker began her lecture with a stern commanding look on her face.

“To save our world, we must live longer. Short lives never pay enough attention to protecting our global environment. Longevity is the key to become the future guardians of the Earth. ”

In the audience, a young man shouted that he wanted to control how long he lived.

“You have that right. Democracy gives us the right to control how long science can help us live and make this world better. There is also cosmic work for future immortals to do out there in the universe and beyond.”

How do we start doing so?” asked an older attractive woman wearing an 'I Want To Be Fertile Again' button.

The lecturer smiled.

“The best news is this, she says, the anti-aging has already been passed as a law here in America.”

“What? When?” the audience interrupted.

“I know you are all surprised,” she says. “The Research on Aging Act was passed by the United States Congress in 1974, but it has never been taken seriously enough. Today, we have not just the scientific breakthroughs, but also the means to create greater awareness and start building a truly healthy and potentially immortal civilization by voting for it. You can call your congress members asking them to increase funding of the Research on Aging Act of 1974. Here are the phone numbers of their headquarters in each district where you can text the words: I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER YOUNG.”

Right then, they all began calling their congress members and senators.

The lecturer finished the meeting by saying, “I want you to know that I am an evolved transhuman. We are in the early stage of human immortality. I look human, as I did before, but within me is the greatest computing technology for the longest, healthiest life-span you could ever dream of. All of you can one day also live indefinitely long and guard the life of our wonderful planet.”

“We will be the immortalist guardians of Earth and beyond!” some shouted out with glee.

Since then, their activities were on the global news.

Every member of the US Senate and Congress was contacted in the next few weeks. Picket signs saying ‘ANTI-AGING SAVES THE EARTH’, were carried outside their headquarters in every state.

The following words circulated by the attendees:

“If I could be living in a healthy body at age one-hundred, and I could go on for thousands of years, I would live on other planets!”

A young attendee responded, “I would stay here on planet Earth, and discover every corner of this glorious place!”


Learn more about the Aging Act passed by Congress in 1974:


A Question For IM Readers:

What would you do if you could live for hundreds of years?

Share your thoughts below!



Carl Carlyle is an immortalist, futurist, musician, and a published writer. A graduate from UCLA in 1962 and later, while a student at Hastings Law College in San Francisco, he joined the Student League to Abolish Mortality and the National Institute of Health, becoming an avid advocate for the scientific control of aging, life-extension and biological immortality ever since. “In the daytime, I wore a suit and tie contacting politicians & business people to get funding for the new immortalist movement. At night, I formed a rock band called the Forever Maniacs and named myself ‘Johnny Forever’, singing rock songs about eternal youth and health. I also produced a musical in the 1990’s called Boomers Rock Forever, a comedy about taboos and the emerging science of immortality. I published a sci-fi trilogy The Cosmic Mutant, which tells the story of a love affair between Infinity and Eternity."


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Chules Sánchez
Chules Sánchez

I suppose most people would do everything that they wanted to do and couldn’t and spend more time on your hobbies too. They say that the perfect age is when you reach maturity ... you begin to become aware of life, responsibility and caring for everything around you, including yourself.

I wonder, is that maturity related to the biology of the human being, or with the experiences lived or with having spent half of your life and only have the other half left and therefore change your lifestyle, Therefore, if we lived 200 years, when would we reach maturity, at about 40 years like now, or at about 140 years?😅

Dinorah Delfin
Dinorah Delfin

Thank you for your kind message Chules! It seems that the more experiences we have and the more time we have to meditate about our life, the better we become at noticing what the right choices are. :)

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